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Our mission as eco-designers is to bring
to life dynamic, resilient, sustainable landscapes
teeming with biodiversity and natural beauty
through the thoughtful integration of site,
ecology, and aesthetics. Add food
production and habitats and you’ve got
something unique and cutting edge!


One that withstands storms like SANDY and keeps
feeding you, your family and friends, makes it through a bad winter, a hot droughty summer, and is still keeping you fed with delicious fruit, veggies and herbs! I know how to make that a reality for you. Let’s talk!

LOCAL FOOD - join your community in helping build a healthy local food system with you as a participant. Call me for Speaking Engagements, Consultations and helping you see your way out of confusion and into productivity!!

EDIBLE SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPES - integrate household food needs with habitats and aesthetics on a deck, patio or small backyard. You can have it all and EAT IT TOO! Call me for answers and inspiration. I can help you figure out how to make your dream come true and make it look gorgeous to boot! It’s the smart and green way to go!

SUBURBAN “HOMESTEAD” – every suburban property can produce food and the basic staples of life. You are lucky to have the land you do. Make it work for you, your family and even your neighbors! Add chickens, bees and some fruit trees and you are living the good life! Call me to find out how to make that happen!

THE PRODUCTIVE FARMSTEAD/ESTATE - what was once called the “estate,” a large landscape of high value (and high maintenance costs!) located near a metropolitan area and worth gobs of development dollars, can be a conserved resource providing food and habitats for all – another important value! If you are an urbanite who can owns a large rural property and have no clue how to manage it, call me. I can help you help you understand your conservation and farming options, and create a productive Garden of Eden on your land that is natural, low maintenance, full of beautiful native plants and is full of life!!


We are a business with roots in NYC, NY State, PA and NJ.
We educate, consult and assist clients with sustainable approaches to living and thinking, organic vegetable gardening, native and ecological garden design, gardening classes, and sustainable farm planning.

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