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GINA FREDERICK – GINA FREDERICK – It does take a village to make every worthwhile effort happen, and without Gina’s work as a web designer and graphic artist, this website and other graphic aspects of JUST ONE SEED would not have taken shape in the form they have. Gina also brings her design expertise to many of Eve’s projects. Gina’s background as visual artist, educator, horticulturist, and ecological landscape designer have prepared her for a diverse career as creator of many beautiful things. Eve’s projects are one of the things she helps create!

JUST ONE SEED OWNER & CREATOR, EVE SPRINGWOOD MINSON - Born and raised in New York City, Eve’s first career was in advertising which she left for greener pastures to pursue her love of plants and nature at Cornell University. Between degrees and family, she ran her greenhouse and gardening business for twelve years, and learned about sustainability and self-reliance. In 2003 she came to Bucks County to teach those things and ecological landscape design at Delaware Valley College. In 2009 Eve combined her years of gardening, growing food, teaching, and design experience into JUST ONE SEED, a multidimensional business celebrating life. She lives in the Delaware River Valley with her pets and plants and is planning her next step in life!


Cornell University, 1991 Bachelor’s in Ornamental Horticulture

Cornell University, 1999
Masters in Landscape Architecture

Cornell University, 2002
Masters in Natural Resources

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We are a business with roots in NYC, NY State, PA and NJ.
We educate, consult and assist clients with sustainable approaches to living and thinking, organic vegetable gardening,
native and ecological garden design, gardening classes, and sustainable farm planning.

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